HENRY HOUSE is Back on Track

I am happy to say that filming on this wonderful comedy drama in which I am privileged to have a leading role alongside the fabulous newcomer Γ“rla jones is recommencing in early February. Since we were last on. set, there have been a number of developments in both script and casting, and the final version is going to be completed by the middle of the year. I will keep you posted as to how the shoot is going, and i can’t wait to get back into the action.


Me with Gavin Fraser on the set,

Some unfortunate news.

This is posted today by Rocking Horse Media. I am absolutely devastated and frustrated, but accidents happen, and mine could not have been at a worse time for this fabulous project.

So Henry House: The Pilot. What happened? Well yesterday, we should have wrapped on the feature length production of our care home comedy drama after three months of filming πŸŽ₯

We didn’t ❌

And it’s about time you all found out why πŸ—£

Henry House, starring Γ“rla Jones Performs and TV legend Peter Purves in his first serious acting role for fifty years, was three weeks away from completion when Peter endured an innocuous but unfortunate accident at home, causing him to break his wrist in two places, bringing production to a sudden and unavoidable standstill πŸ™

Despite every effort from the team to find a solution to keep us on schedule, including brave offers from Peter to continue filming regardless of his injury, we were forced to accept that, due to obvious and unavoidable continuity conflicts, we were going to have to close down production πŸ˜“

It could have happened to anybody but it didn’t. It happened to a national treasure who was three weeks away from securing a well deserved fifty year comeback to television acting πŸ‘

We had to stop. We had got so close 😒

And due to availability issues beyond our control it would not be feasible to return to filming for SIX months and, if we do, we would be tasked with filming the entire production again… from scratch 😱

So we asked our cast and crew what they were prepared to do and we can now report that the ENTIRE team committed to returning in September and doing just that. That’s what Henry House has come to mean to this special group of people πŸ₯Ή

Peter Purves, whose complex performance as our struggling dementia resident we were so excited to be bringing to the screen, had this to say to the cast and crew once the news filtered through as to what this damaging setback meant for the team:

“Hi, everyone. I really do sincerely apologise for the dilemma we have found ourselves in with Henry House. I know how rooted we have all been with the entire project. Hopefully we can have a successful crowdfunding campaign and all be together in the autumn. Take care. Love and best wishes to you all.”

We have all wished Peter the speediest of full recoveries and we are sure you will all join us in doing the same ❀️

But unfortunately, as Peter suggests, it is not as simple as just being prepared to FILM it all again. We also need to FUND it all again, as our previous budget was spent on what we have already filmed. And that is why, this coming Sunday, we will be launching a very unique CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN – a week to the day since we should have wrapped on production πŸ“…

We will also be holding a live variety night SUMMER SHOW fundraising event as we attempt to “bounce back” from this devastating setback, where the star of Henry House, Γ“rla Jones, will be headlining alongside a whole host of other acts πŸŽ™

Our Writer and Director is going to quite literally put his body on the line and undergo (ANOTHER) paid CLINICAL TRIAL and we have an Assistant Director who is preparing to climb a MOUNTAIN just to help us climb THIS mountain of a setback πŸ—»

We have had children offer us their pocket money and runners from our set organise their own local fundraisers; that’s how much everybody wants to keep our little care home drama going… 🫢

Suffice to say, we are throwing everything we can into keeping Henry House and Peter Purves’ comeback alive. So… how can you help? πŸ‘€

All we can ask is for you to keep your eyes peeled for the crowdfunding campaign, for news of the live event… and please, just support us πŸ™Œ

We are doing all that we can do. We do believe that we can “bounce back”. But that will not be enough on it’s own. Without your support… this will be one mountain too many πŸ‘Ž

Henry House has helped so many people already, especially providing work experience opportunities for young people and those with special educational needs through our Partnership with Derwen College. And we want that good work to continue, but all of that good work now hangs in the balance🌟

We have included a series of images which we hope sums up that good work and some memories that have honestly been career highlights for a lot of us. But we have also included the difficult, emotional moment where our Producers had to address the cast and crew with this crushing news, because we believe you need to see that too πŸ’”

Nobody likes asking for help but, unfortunately, we’re past that point 😭

It’s very simple. Henry House needs your help 🏠

Now more than ever x

Thank you


About Peter

Photo by: Foyers.Photography (www.foyers.photography)

Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy reading it, and that you find what you are looking for.

A reminder below of the “Beast from the East”  – the bonus being a lovely image for Xmas

The latest Big Finish Release Daughter of the Gods, in which I play Steven and the First Doctor, and Frazer Hines plays Jamie and the Second Doctor, has been greeted with much praise. It was a joy to perform, and I hope that you enjoy it. There is a full page on this site devoted to my time on Dr Who.

My most recent venture in the Theatre has been to appear in  β€œOnce Seen on Blue Peter” – a play by Tim Whitnall, at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018 where it received 5 star reviews.  

I visited The BBC at Media City in Salford Quays  recently and was flattered and thrilled to discover I was included in the Blue Peter Gold Badge Walk of Fame outside the studios, and leading to the BP garden.

On the GOLD BP Badge Walk

I was privileged to visit the University of Central Lancashire, UCLAN, in March where the students and staff had produced a recreation of one of the missing Doctor Who episodes, “Mission to the Unknown” which was the “teaser” for the massive 12 Part serial “The Dalek Masterplan” in which I appeared with William Hartnell, the first (and to my mind) the best ever Doctor. It was a splendid piece of work by UCLAN, directed by a senior tutor and Doctor Who fan, Andrew Ireland. The BBC eventually released the finished production on You Tube, to great acclaim by fans.

DOCTOR WHO  (Peter was companion to the original Doctor, William Hartnell)

BLUE PETER ( Presented the show for ten and a half years, 1967-78 )

WITH ANIMALS  ( Remember Lulu, the baby elephant from Chessington? and much more)

IN SPORT (From his own series Stopwatch, Kickstart, Darts, etc….)

IN THE THEATRE  (from Weekly Repertory to Pantomime star, Director, to Edinburgh Fringe)   

FULL CV (Short biog and detailed CV (ongoing)

CONTACT DETAILS – NB. Sole Representation – see the new page at the top of this Home Page. 

With woody, one of my lovely Standard Wire-Haired Dachshunds

With more than 2500 TV appearances and a background in the theatre and TV acting, Peter is one of the UK’s most experienced Presenters and Speakers. In a career that now spans 60 years, he has been involved in many TV shows that have developed into cult status including 46 episodes of Doctor Who (1965/66; Blue Peter (1967 – 1978), Kickstart (1978 – 1991) and Crufts Dog Show, where he celebrated his 41st consecutive year as Presenter and commentator in March 2019. March 2020 will see him honoured by the Kennel Club as he presents the Best in Show Trophy at the Annual show.

He has been in demand as a speaker, both at special events and After Dinner, as well as being a guest speaker on many Cruise ships (P&O, Cunard, Thomson, and Saga) . And he is a specialist and an in-demand Arena Host for Outdoor dog events.

with his much loved, late Newfoundland, Kent – Karazan Superman

Already booked to host the Dog Arena for this year at the Three counties Show in Malvern; Countryfile Live South (at Blenheim Palace); Countryfile Live North (at Castle Howard) and the Malvern Show.

I have taken note of the following from Pip Madeley on Twitter. I am unable to edit the early part of my CV from an earlier website so I acknowledge the omission here. Thanks Pip. x

Your CV is incredible, Peter! 😲 I did spot one omission, your memorable appearance in ‘Phoenix From The Flames’ on “Fantasy World Cup” (ITV 1998) with Baddiel & Skinner, see here: (skip to 21mins 30secs in) 😁