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How it all Started
Having left Doctor Who in 1965 Peter's acting career became 'less busy', but in BBC circles his name was being put forward to producers of Blue Peter as a possible replacement for Christopher Trace.
After successful auditions he originally took on the role as a six month stop-gap in his acting career, but he stayed with the show for over 10 years, becoming part of what is now known as the "Dream Team" with Valerie Singleton and John Noakes.
Peter's Memories

"Blue Peter was a brilliant mixture of fun and hard work - I honestly believe it was one of the best jobs on television. We dropped in on the best parts of people's lives. Where else would you be taken to 27 countries and be paid for having all those adventures?

Valerie Singleton had the best phrase for it - the said the job took us 'beyond the rope', the analogy being with the ropes that cordon off the private areas in stately homes. I think that says it all."

But presenting is easy, isn't it - all you have to do is read the Autocue?

"Well, let me tell you that in all the time I was presenting Blue Peter we never used Autocue at all! We had to learn the script and deliver it as accurately as if it was a play. And we had to learn it overnight - my script for the Thursday programme arrived at my house at about 9pm on the Wednesday. Not easy!"

Why did John Noakes do all the stunts?

"This is an old chestnut. He didn't, though he did perform a lot of very high profile stunts that certainly impressed me. But I did my share. I made the Rock Climbing and Air Sea Rescue films. I also filmed Jousting, Stunt Cars, Speedway, Trials Riding and American Grid-Iron Football - there really is a long list of very exciting films. And if you weren't impressed with my walking the suspension cable of the Forth Road Bridge, then I give up!"

How did the three of you get on?

"Very well indeed. Obviously over ten and a half years of working under that kind of pressure there were times when we would argue - it would be extraordinary if we had not! I can remember one occasion in Mexico when Val and I fell out over something - I can't recall what - and for three days we only spoke to each other through John.

I am still in contact with John and Valerie, though I have lost touch with Lesley over the past ten years."

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